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Hoon: ban Lords from challenging controversial Bills March 5, 2006

Posted by lifejacket in "Politician he speak with forked tongue".

“Britain’s peers would be legally forbidden from challenging controversial legislation, such as the ID cards Bill and the ban on glorifying terrorism, under a radical constitutional reform proposed by Geoff Hoon… [source]

That wall over there is becoming pretty knocked about, as I’m continually forced to violently bang my head against it.

The persistence of this government and its lackeys to treat the democratic process (including the House of Lords) as merely an irritating inconvenience is utterly mind-blowing.

But how can I even be surprised? Destroying democracy, under cover of the innocuous label of “reform” is clearly the cornerstone of New Labour’s pet vision of a total dictatorship a fully-empowered executive, answerable to noone and untroubled by such fleabite considerations as popular opinion, citizens’ rights, civil liberties, and that laughable old gag that the government exists to serve the people.

Wat Tyler, where are you when we need you?



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