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Minister talks out of arse shock March 12, 2006

Posted by lifejacket in "Politician he speak with forked tongue".

UK foreign office minister Kim Howells has admitted the situation in Iraq is “a mess” but said Iraq’s prospects were better than media reports suggested. (Source: BBC)

… He said Iraq was undergoing a “very, very painful process”

Well that’s one way to describe it.

… “People describe Iraq as a mess,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “But it is a mess that can’t launch an attack now on Iran; a mess that won’t be able to march into Kuwait; it’s a mess that can’t develop nuclear weapons. So yes it’s a mess but it’s starting to look like the sort of mess that most of us live in.”

So according to this representative of the UK Foreign Office, it’s perfectly acceptable to pre-emptively fuck up another country if there’s even the slightest possibility that the man in charge of it might cause trouble for someone else’s. In which case, none of us should have any compunction about immediately “liberating” the U.S. from Mr Bush. And what’s this about Iraq’s ability to “launch an attack on Iran”? With what? Pencils fired from peashooters? Because there’s precious little evidence that Iraq actually possessed any WMDs at the time America and the UK decided to take an armed holiday there. Oh, of course, thanks for reminding me, there was always the chance that Iraq might have developed some nasties. That makes fucking up the country and creating a civil war perfectly alright, then.

Personally, I muse on the possibility that Mr Bush was worried that Iraq might get the chance to bomb Iran into the dirt before he did, and so decided to take out the competition.

Over to Mr Howells again:

“So yes it’s a mess but it’s starting to look like the sort of mess that most of us live in.”

Excuse me? Besides events like those of July 7th and the related case of Mr de Menezes, most of us stand rather less chance of being shot or blown apart on a daily basis than do the citizens of Iraq. (Yes Mr Howells, dozens of innocent people die there daily. Your blithe dismissal of their sufferings as “a mess”, and daring to compare their wretched situation to anything relatively minor which we put up with here, is nauseating to say the least).

I wonder as an afterthought, by “mess”, whether Mr Howells is actually or partially referring to Iraq’s new “democracy”? In which case, given the shambolic example which is our own democracy, systematically destroyed at the hands of the same government which invaded Iraq, I’d rather be inclined to agree with him.



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