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What is this man smoking? I want some. March 28, 2006

Posted by lifejacket in "Politician he speak with forked tongue", ID Cards & the Surveillance State.

Andy Burnham today, quoted by The Guardian [1]:

"I take the view that it is part of being a good citizen, proving who you are, day in day out."

… and Andy Burnham two days ago, in his own letter to the Observer:

"The scheme will not track your life's activities. ID cards will be used when it is important to verify identity. That is not an everyday occurrence for the majority …"

God give me strength. I'm losing track of the number of pointless and contradictory statements this twonk[2] has come out with. I could start a whole new blog just to chronicle the bumbling antics of the Safety Elephant's[3] comedy sidekick.

[1] Original source was Radio 4's Today Programme: Real Audio link here. Relevant stuff is around 20' in)
[2] As a pedantic so-so, I believe that if I'm going to publicly call politicians silly names, then I should at least prove that I know what they mean. This also makes me feel pleasantly superior, as nobody in the current government seems to have a bloody clue what they're talking about themselves.
[3] Speaking of silly names, I wish to God I could lay claim to that particular epithet, but I can't. Google "Charles Clarke Safety Elephant", and see what I mean.


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