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London Strategic Voter 2006 April 4, 2006

Posted by lifejacket in Voting & electoral reform.

Live in London? Want to give New Labour a kicking in the local elections on May 4th, but aren't sure which way to vote?

For the first time, a website has been set up to help you use your vote effectively.

London Strategic Voter 2006

"Our aim is to make available the information London’s progressive voters need to make the London local elections on 4 May 2006 a crucial part of the process of kicking Tony Blair out of 10 Downing Street, not letting him walk when he chooses.

This site gives you ward-by-ward information on how to maximise the effectiveness of your vote – the best tactical vote against Tony Blair and New Labour in the ward where you live."

Just enter your postcode, and away you go.

Wherever you may live, if you are so disillusioned that you were thinking of binning your polling cards and not bothering on May 4th, then please think again. New Labour is systematically dismantling British democracy and hard-won British liberties. Blair must go now, preferably taking the rest of his corrupt, self-serving, and morally bankrupt cronies with him.

If your local councils are holding elections on May 4th, you have been handed the opportunity to participate in a massive public statement: a statement that New Labour do not own us, the British people, but are supposed to serve us. That we are not just numbers on a Whitehall identity database, mere items on a state inventory. That we are no longer prepared to listen to New Labour's lies or double-speak, or watch certain people in its ranks abusing their positions and velvet-lining their futures whilst our taxes continue to rise and our own pension plans are being decimated.

If you have the chance to vote in May, you have the opportunity to be part of this protest; thousands of other people have not, as not all areas are holding these elections. Don't let those people down, and ignore the opportunity to speak out where they would dearly love to, but on this occasion cannot. In May, you are their voice. Whatever shade your politics, however disillusioned you are, if you are one of the millions dissatisfied with New Labour, then what personal cost to you is a five or ten minute trip to the polling station? Strategically putting a cross in a box is free, it costs you nothing, yet in our present political situation that cross is of incalculable value to the future of this country.

If you only ever vote once or twice in your life, please make one of those occasions May 4th 2006. Vote strategically and vote New Labour out. Stand up for your country and for your fellow Brits. Please don't squander the opportunity to help pry Tony Blair's fingers from the keys to No. 10, and to tell this government loud and clear that enough is enough.



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