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Sale of the Century April 6, 2006

Posted by lifejacket in ID Cards & the Surveillance State.

This chap has the right idea: sell your own identity legitimately before the British government do it illegitimately.

eBay Auction

(please give NO2ID a hand, and add this item to your eBay "watch" list)

At least you will have the right to what you're selling; the government have no right to your identity, but will force you to sell it to them anyway for the princely sum of at least £93 if you are renewing a passport from 2008.
They will then sell your details to various agencies (not "sell" in the direct sense, but by way of giving organisations a paid license to access the National Identity Register in order that they can check you aren't a terrorist).

Who knows where your data will go once the database is hacked by identity thieves; or when someone bent in a government department decides they can make a mint by selling whatever they can syphon out of the system without being caught.

You don't believe that will happen? You don't think the government would "sell" your data or disclose it without your knowledge? You don't think anyone with that goldmine at their fingertips will ever abuse their position of authority? Then I'm sorry, but I fear you're very naive.



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