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“source of light” Condi blinds Bishop of Blackburn April 15, 2006

Posted by lifejacket in "Politician he speak with forked tongue".

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's visit to Lancashire was "a source of light in a dark world", the Bishop of Blackburn has said.

The Rt Rev Nicholas Reade will compare her visit to "a parable of hope at times of national and international crises" in his Easter Sunday sermon.

A parable of hope? Eh? And crises? Ms Rice and her employer have certainly created one in Iraq, but the only national crisis we have here is that we still have Tony Blair squatting in Downing Street, and New Labour kitting itself out in jack-boots.

He will say Jack Straw invited Ms Rice despite opposition to her arrival from anti-war in Iraq campaigners.

An ambiguous statement (but this is a Blair Broadcasting Company report, so quelle surprise). It implies that the Bishop thinks,

a) That Jack Straw shouldn't have invited her, because there's so much opposition to the war


b) That Jack Straw was right to invite her, despite all the pesky protestors.

If the latter, then surely this can only mean that the Bishop places himself as pro-Iraq …? Or at least, that nobody has any business protesting against the war and delaying politicians.

"Here, below the painting of Christ bound in the tomb, foreign secretary and secretary of state joined Dean Christopher for prayers for global justice and lit candles for peace.

Gut-wrenching hypocrisy.

He will praise how they lit candles for peace at Blackburn Cathedral … "To any, these might have looked quite fragile lights, particularly when set against global conflict symbolised by the protesters' slogans and the stormy weather of that morning."

Global conflict caused in large measure by the American administration Ms Rice so unflinchingly serves. And as for the anti-war protestors …I tip my hat to them for turning out in such weather to make their point. In fact, if I'd lived locally I'd have taken them a tray of tea.

Perhaps the Bishop of Blackburn is more than happy to lick the boots of liars and warmongers who are insincere enough to mutter prayers for peace in a Christian "House of God" whilst blowing someone else's country to smithereens, but most of the good people in this country aren't. And the Church wonders why it's losing followers.



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