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Anonymous backbencher unmasked April 26, 2006

Posted by lifejacket in "Politician he speak with forked tongue", ID Cards & the Surveillance State, Political cock-ups.

Ah, so here's the ID-obsessed culprit from today's Commons session (hat tip to Dr_Wibble at NO2ID) :

Stephen Pound (Ealing, North) (Lab):
No one would deny that this is a damnably serious business. […] Secondly, does he not agree that the case for identity cards has now been made?

Mr. Clarke:
As it happens, my hon. Friend will be shocked to hear that I agree with him on his second point. He is quite right, and I am confident that wisdom will spread across the House on those matters.

(On Hansard's "Today" pages)

ID cards seem to be New Labour's viagra: if your political performance stinks, have a dose of ID-cards and everyone will be smiley and agreeable again.

I really can't find any lucid or even vaguely non-offensive comment to make about the above Commons exchange. Perhaps the less said the better.



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