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More Tales from The Ivory Tower April 26, 2006

Posted by lifejacket in ID Cards & the Surveillance State, Political cock-ups.

More precise details emerged today, about the 1,023 foreign criminals released into our community without supervision or any attempt to deport them as per the law.

The most astonishing fact to emerge is that this debacle was not some brief lapse in Home Office attention, what Mr Clarke yesterday blithely dismissed as the HO "taking its eye off the ball": these prisoners were released over a seven year period, between February 1999 and March 2006. Yet allegedly Mr Clarke only found out about it in August 2005. And yet he doesn't think it "a resignation matter".

Blairwatch goes into a little more detail, and quotes a Newsnight exchange between Clarke and Jeremy Paxman.

From today's Telegraph print edition (pages 1 & 4):

"Only 107 of the 1,023 have been found and considered for deportation, leaving 916 outstanding, although Home Office sources claimed that they knew where some of them were. Twenty of the 107 have been deported. The Home Office has refused to identify any of the criminals."

Perhaps Mr Clarke's cure-all ID card system would have solved the problem. Indeed, a NO2ID member reported today, whilst watching live TV footage of Charles Clarke being interrogated in the Commons, that an anonymous backbencher had piped up that he thought "ID cards would have stopped all this." Because of course, all dubious types wishing to evade the law will use their ID cards with impunity, in order to be identified as often as possible …

[brief interlude while Lifejacket sobs into drink at the unspeakable ignorance of people elected to supposedly represent us]

Good bloody grief, one really has to wonder if the next new planet discovered way out in our solar system will be the one where in some acidic pool they discover an amoebic form of life called "New Labour", and solve the mystery of where these cretins holidaying on Earth came from.

More stats courtesy of the Telegraph. The men released include,

4 murderers
3 men convicted of manslaughter
5 men convicted of sex offences against children
7 men convicted of sex attacks against adults
27 men convicted of indecent assault

(Many of the sex-related offenders were on the sex offenders' register and should be subject to supervision in the community.)

9 rapists; 27 people with convictions for indecent assault
93 robbers
41 burglars
4 kidnappers; 3 people convicted for false imprisonment
100+ people with convictions for violence (includes 54 for ABH/GBH)
200+ people jailed for drugs offences (including 62 for supply of drugs)

According to Home Office data, 237 of the offenders were failed asylum seekers, and 54 were still having their applications considered.

Of the 160 cases where deportation had originally been recommended by the courts, only 14 have been identified, of whom 5 have been deported and 9 considered "inappropriate for removal". Unlike Charles Clarke, who is more than appropriate for "removal" but still insists on clinging to the deck rail and listening to the screeching last strains of the proverbial band.

And just to add the cherry to the cake, the Home Office has no idea what offence 103 of them comitted to be convicted in the first place.

Of course there's also the trivial matter of the 288 foreign offenders released since the Home Secretary learned of the problem in August last year.

Tea, anyone?

Suddenly, that soon-to-be-discovered planet seems a very desirable deportation target. Let's send Messrs Blair, Clarke, Burnham, Mr RH anonymous-backbencher, all of them, the whole fermenting fruit basket full of them, back there, together with any of the 1,023 criminals that they actually manage to track down. Personally, I think they all deserve each other.



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