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Mr Blair bares his priorities April 29, 2006

Posted by lifejacket in "Politician he speak with forked tongue".

Prescott is absolutely vital to party, says Blair

"While he stopped short of guaranteeing that the Deputy Prime Minister would remain in post in an expected reshuffle, Mr Blair described Mr Prescott as 'absolutely vital' to the Labour Party.

'John is someone of great value to me. People don't know the true value of what he does because it is so often behind the scenes,' Mr Blair told the Daily Mirror."

Call me a pedant, but the issue under question at the moment is whether Mr Prescott is fit for his post. As a public servant, the only relevant measure of his usefulness should be that in relation to how he serves the British public in that post; and as Deputy Prime Minister of this country, the example he sets as our "second-in-command".

In this context his usefulness to the Labour Party is utterly irrelevant, as is his personal value to Tony Blair. Once again Blair shows us his priorities: himself, party, country, in that order.



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