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It’s Sunday, Mr Blair: start praying April 30, 2006

Posted by lifejacket in "Politician he speak with forked tongue", Political cock-ups, Sex and drugs etc.

Blair admits: I might be forced to sack Clarke

Tony Blair last night admitted that he may be forced to sack his Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, as rebel Labour MPs issued the Prime Minister with an ultimatum to declare an early departure date or face a humiliating leadership contest.

Hardly unexpected: things start to look hairy for Blair himself and suddenly his brass balls metamorphose into cotton wool balls and the "absolute confidence" he repeatedly showered on his floundering minister goes flying out the window like a philandering deputy prime minister's underpants.

Mr Blair confessed that he was "pretty angry" that 1,023 foreign criminals who should have been deported were allowed to slip through the net by the Home Office and said there were "no excuses" for the debacle. In an interview, Mr Blair suggested that Mr Clarke's future now depended on what was discovered about new crimes committed by the ex-prisoners, whom police were trying to track down this weekend.

Only "pretty angry"? How restrained of you, Mr Blair. Ah, but of course: you get 24-hour protection and an armoured car to ferry you the several hundred yard dash between Downing Street and the Commons. Thus you aren't one of the public individuals randomly and violently attacked by the convicted criminals your blundering Home Secretary and his minions released onto our streets unsupervised without a second glance. Perhaps if you were, you might have a damn sight more to say about it other than that you're "pretty angry".

I really don't know what's more unsavoury to the mental palate this morning: the Mail on Sunday wallowing in their very expensive exclusive with John Prescott's very unofficial bird (and he's just a tad dischuffed about it), or the fact that Blair gave an exclusive interview to the News of the World (Lifejacket is relieved not to subscribe to either). Mind you, NOTW is a Murdoch rag and he still appears to be clinging on as a back-slapper of Blair's. Say no more.



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