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Crocodile tears won’t help Gary McKinnon July 4, 2009

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“Sarah Brown’s tears for Gary”, runs the Daily Mail headline today. I feel nauseous.

British man Gary McKinnon is on the verge of being extradited to the states for hacking into US government computers in the search for evidence about aliens. The US has branded him a malicious hacker and wants to jail him for up to 70 years, when it appears that he simply has an obsession for aliens and has Aspberger’s syndrome – a form of autism. He has openly admitted what he did, and why he did it, acknowledges it was wrong and has apologised, but points out that it hardly needed a genius to make the hack as he used readily available software.

My own opinion is that the US want to punish this man simply because they are highly embarrassed at how insecure their systems were; if he had hacked a Seattle IT corporation instead of the government, they would probably have offered him a job.

What makes me sick is the part about “Sarah’s tears”: instead of crying and hoping for some timely PR points for her husband’s moribund political party, why doesn’t she find some guts and berate him and his cowardly self-centred Westminster colleagues for not standing up to the US and seeing a great injustice averted? And that goes not just for the Labour Party, but those in the House of Lords who turned down McKinnon’s appeals that the case be dealt with in the UK on health grounds.

Shame on Gordon Brown, his Cabinet and our parliamentary representatives in general. If indeed it can be said that they still function as our representatives.


History: every vote counts May 25, 2009

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Callimachus, it is up to you, right now, to enslave Athens or to make it free … Right now, Athens is in the most perilous moment of its history … Now, I’ll tell you just how this is possible, how it is up to you – and only you – to determine the course of events. We ten generals are split right in two, with half saying fight and the other half not. If we don’t fight now, I’m afraid that a storm of civil strife will so shake the timber of the Athenian people that they will go over to the Medes. But if we fight now, before the cracks can show in some of the Athenians … why then we can survive this battle. All this depends on you. It hangs on your decision – now. If you vote with me, your country will be free and your city will be first in all of Hellas, but if you choose the side of those who urge us not to fight, then the opposite of all the good I’ve spoken of will fall to you.

General Miltiades, Marathon, 490BC; quoted by Herodotus, The Histories 6.109; Blanco 1992.

23rd April: St George’s Day April 23, 2006

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I'm only part English, but I'm still bloody proud of that part of me; and bollocks to the New Labour attitude that "Englishness" should be denigrated as something shameful.

England, and everything it stands for, has been around far longer than New Labour, and God willing it will continue to survive and prosper long after this foetid government and its policies have been thrown out on their ear and consigned to the dustbin of history.

Pipe Dreams March 25, 2006

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"Protests have spread through the UK in recent weeks. Demonstrations on Thursday were estimated to have attracted between 220,000 and 450,000 people.

A few hundred protestors clashed with police in central London, prompting police to block two bridges over the Thames.

Last night, hotel owners around the South Bank were said to have boarded up their windows as armoured vehicles patrolled the streets in anticipation of more trouble."

Sorry. After getting everyone's hopes up for a moment, I must confess that far from this being a report about the Brits actually standing up for themselves for once, it is in fact a slightly doctored quote from today's print edition of the Daily Telegraph (page 2; News Bulletin). For "UK" read France; for "London" read Paris; for "Thames" read Seine; for "South Bank" read Left Bank.

Whilst like most of us I prefer peaceful protest and straightforward non-cooperation rather than a riot, it saddens me greatly that thousands of French citizens are prepared to protest wildly at the drop of a hat about anything that happens to hack them off, yet the vast majority of Brits seem prepared to sleep right through the whole edifice of their democracy being dismantled by the Labour Party.

Although I do believe that political awareness (and dissatisfaction) in the UK is growing – in large measure because of exposure on the web – I still have my doubts that at present velocity there will be enough groundswell to rise up in time and stop insidious, repressive, and downright dictatorial legislation such as the ID Card Bill and the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill becoming law.

Wake up, Britain, and smell the coffee. Damn it, your country needs you!

The Fish Rots from the Head March 25, 2006

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"For the good of the Labour Party, for the good of the country, and for the good of the whole bloody world, Tony Blair must not leave Downing St voluntarily… and if he does, he must be forced to resign in shame. (And before anybody makes any smart-arse remarks about intervention, I would remind them that this measure is far from pre-emptive.)

Why? Because someone has to be called to account or the next batch of power-mad bastards – here or abroad – will think they can get away with exactly the same thing."

Tim at Bloggerheads, who neatly summarises everything that is wrong in Westminster's ivory tower. Why Blair must be removed, now.